Quarter Two – 2017

Hot long summer days are upon us at Joiner & Associates. Our employees are putting in the sweat and hard work it takes to keep the wheels turning and we are beyond thankful for their determination. Fred and the guys have really turned it up in our fabrication shop and kept us ahead of schedule! Way to go, guys!!! Our field crew continues to feel the literal beating of the sun on their backs as well as the time crunches, but they have done a great job of moving forward at all costs. Thank you, JSEC!

We are steadily planning and filling our calendars for the remainder of this calendar year and the beginning of the next. The construction industry is doing quite well and the effects can be felt all the way down to us, the small business.

We are constantly reminded to be thankful, even to that of the hot summer sun. Thanks Team!

In everything give thanks.  ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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