Quarter One – 2017

As we round down the first quarter of this new year, we at Joiner & Associates and Joiner Steel Erection have been furiously busy planning, preparing, bidding, fabricating, and erecting multiple projects. Together, we have been progressing and preforming like a well oiled machine, or that shiny LinkBelt we are so proud to own. We look forward to the next quarter and all the work we have been blessed to book already. We would like to thank all the employees and members of our teams for your hard work and diligence in the last few months. To all our business professionals and contractors we have had the pleasure of working with recently, thank you for your patience and also for your hard work to bring us with you to become apart of these builds that which we are honored to share your name and reputation. Cheers to 2017 so far, and Happy St. Patty’s Day to you!

May the Strength of God pilot us,

May the Wisdom of God instruct us,

May the Hands of God protect us,

May the Word of God direct us.

~Saint Patrick




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